KPIs, Analyzing, Visualizing – Using analytic tools successfully

In all marketing efforts it is important to integrate measurements, to see whether a campaign or a website is successful. This is also the case for online marketing. Today it is not longer a problem to find data but finding the most relevant data is crucial. In order to get the right answers, we need […]

Developing a mobile strategy for Germany’s oldest cinema

In 2012, smart phone users will officially be the majority of cell phone users, at least in the U.S., and other mobile devices like the Apple iPad and the iPad mini are becoming more and more popular. According to researches, users spend on average over one hour per day engaging actively with their mobile device. […]

The Power of Communities – Offline and Online

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that people coming together and building a community can have a lot of power. For a long time, communities have only been active in the real-world, far away from Alternative Media. They came together for a common purpose and often tried to create something new. ‘Offline’ Communities Startin with […]

Pull the ribbon and continue – Dior’s Miss Dior Chérie online

The Internet is a wonderful place to market a brand, but what does a company need to successfully present and sell their products online? In the following, I would like to use the seven brand engagement criteria presented in Brian Sheehan’s Online Marketing and analyze shortly the minisite of Christian Dior’s perfume Miss Dior Chérie. Please open […]