Pull the ribbon and continue – Dior’s Miss Dior Chérie online

The Internet is a wonderful place to market a brand, but what does a company need to successfully present and sell their products online?

In the following, I would like to use the seven brand engagement criteria presented in Brian Sheehan’s Online Marketing and analyze shortly the minisite of Christian Dior’s perfume Miss Dior Chérie. Please open the website in a separate tab by clicking here to better follow this blogpost.

The New Miss Dior

1 Branding

When visiting the Miss Dior website, you can see the same images as in offline advertising. In the current campaign, Natalie Portman is the new Miss Dior Chérie and represents the brand with her charm and sensuality. The design of the first page is very puristic and the only way to enter the secrete universe is by clicking ‘Enter’ and the magic happens…

4 Interactivity

There are several big Dior boxes and in order to start ‘The Encounter’ you are asked to pull the ribbon of a hat box. Suddenly, the box tips over, the lid opens and rose petals, small boxes and a picture of Natalie Portman tumble out. Later on, you can explore the rest of the minisite by pushing the small round box, a rectangle box or by pulling another ribbon. If you like to get information on the key elements of the fragrance (The Fragrance > Le Parfum), you just drag the cursor over the relevant ingredients. You as a customer are the one who keeps the story going.

5 Visual stimulation

Those interactive connecting pieces are charmingly animated and the striking pictures of the new Miss Dior, including the film, are a feast for the eyes; they invite to explore the website further.

2 Completeness

The minisite provides detailed information on the campaign, the fragrance, the bottle and the music. Additional information can be found by clicking the link to the main website dior.com, which, by the way, is worth seeing, as well. The product range, including prices, and recommendations on how to choose and to use a Dior fragrance can be found there.

3 Functionality

Navigation within the minisite is easy. Four subheadings lead to the content and the challenge starts only on the main website, which is so vast that you can get lost in image flows and animations. It would probably take hours to browse through everything offered on dior.com and even then, somewhere in a submenu, you will find a Miss Dior page you have never seen before.

7 Community connections

Sharing the minisite via Facebook or the old fashioned email is more than easy. Miss Dior is also has its own Facebook and Twitter accounts, where customers can be part of the exclusive Dior circle. Furthermore, recommendations and a sharing icon in the lower right corner of the main shopping site  support community connections.

6 Relevant advertising

Dior does not show any kind of advertising for non-Dior products, except maybe the relevant social media icons for own marketing purposes. The costumer’s focus stays with Dior the whole time.


Since the Miss Dior Chérie minisite meets all of the seven key criteria, it can be called ‘sticky‘. People will definitely come back and spent a lot of time on the website. Personally, I think that the minisite is one of the most adorable websites I have ever seen. If I wouldn’t already have the fragrance, I would want it now more than ever and therefore, Dior has perfectly accomplished its online marketing goals.


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